Playlist vom 05.01.17

45minutes-Sendung vom 05.01.2017

(mit Käpt’n Timewarp)

  1. François Virot – Medicine
    „Marginal Spots“ Album (Born Bad)
  2. Fake Laugh – Great Ideas
    „Great Ideas“ Album (Fake Laugh)
  3. Pictish Trail – Dead Connection
    „Dead Connection“ Single (Lost Map)
  4. The Derevolutions – Now You Know My Name
    „The Derevolutions“ Album (The Derevolutions)
  5. The Derevolutions – Automate Your Soul
    „The Derevolutions“ Album (The Derevolutions)
  6. Louis Cole – Below The Valleys
    „Album 2“ Album (Louis Cole)
  7. Jesse MacCormack – Never Enough
    „After The Glow“ EP (Secret City)
  8. D.D. Dumbo – Satan
    „Utopia Defeated“ Album (4AD)
  9. Lyla Foy – I Only
    „Mirros The Sky“ Album (Sub Pop)
  10. Advance Base – Summon Satan
    „Nephew In The Wild“ Album (Tomlab)
  11. Crying Boys Cafe – I Was A Singer
    „The Keys Not The People“ Album (Excelsior)
  12. Mi Mye – I’m Dreaming Of A „I’m Dreaming Of A“ Single (Hide & Seek)
  13. The Dig – Simple Love „Simple Love“ Single (Roll Call)
  14. Evripidis And His Tragedies – Island
    „Futile Games in Space And Time“ Album (Snap! Clap!)
  15. Kadhja Bonet – Honeycomb „The Visitor“ Album (Fat Possum)
  16. Spookey Ruben – In My Apartment „Modes III“ Album (Hi-Hat)
  17. Andy Shauf– Quite Like You
    „The Party“ Album (Anti)
  18. The Walters  – Goodbye Baby „Goodbye Baby“ Single (The Walters)
  19. Girl Ray  – Trouble „Trouble“ Single (Moshi Moshi)
  20. Blue House  – Ear To The Door „Ear To The Door“ Single (Whipped Cream)
  21. Carl Broemel  – In The Dark „In The Dark“ Single (Stocks In Asia)
  22. The Yearning – Not That Type Of Girl
    „Evening Souvenirs“ Album (Elefant)
  23. The Shacks – Audrey Hepburn „The Shacks“ EP (Big Crown)
  24. Ghostly Kisses  – Empty Note „Empty Note“ Single (Ghostly Kisses)
  25. Saint Sister – Corpses „Tin Man/Corpses“ Single (Communion)

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