Schlagwort-Archive: Manchester Rave

Playlist vom 15.07.21

45minutes-Sendung vom 15.07.2021

(mit Kay Engelhardt & Klaus Hückstädt)

  1. Murry The Hump – Colouring Book „Songs Of Ingnorance“ Album (Too Pure)
  2. Eggstone – Against The Sun „Somersault“Album (Snap)
  3. The Go! Team – A Bee Without It’s Sting  „Get Up Sequences Part One“ Album (Memphis Industries)
  4. Devo – Uncontrollable Urge „Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!“ Album (Virgin)
  5. Rodrigo Amarante – Maré „Drama“ Album (Polyvinyl)
  6. Horse Lords – Against Gravity „The Common Task“ Album (Northern Spy)
  7. Inspiral Carpets – Saturn 5
    „Devil Hopping“ Album (Mute)
  8. Low Cut Connie – Rio
    „Get Out The Lotion“ Album (Contender)
  9. Wake The President – Remember Fun?
    „You Can’t Change That Boy“ Album (Electric Honey)
  10. Mac Leaphart – That Train „Music City Joke“ Album (Mac Leaphart)
  11. Kevin Morby – Sundowner „Sundowner“ Album (Dead Oceans)
  12. Tōth– Turn Around (The Cocaine Song) „You And Me And Everything“ Album (Northern Spy)
  13. Phish – Mexican Cousin „Round Room“ Album (Elektra)
  14. XTC – Mayor Of Simpleton „Oranges & Lemons“ Album (Virgin)
  15. Whitney– The Falls „Light Upon The Lake“ Album (Secretly Canadian)
  16. Emma Kupa – Happy Birthday „Happy Birthday“ Single (Lost Maps)